Pure Air Ion, Air Purifier

Keep your home 99.999% safe with Pure Air Ion, the best air purifier in America, the same technology used in NASA Space Center now in your home and business.

SHU Home series

What makes us different?

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Against viruses, bacteria, and mold.
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Ideal for children, elderly people, and anyone with a compromised immune system.
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Our EHG systems go through rigorous testing and standards purifying areas and destroying Germs, viruses, and bacteria.

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We are committed to delivering to you, the highest quality and manufacturing.
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High-End Tech

Our technology can reach and achieve a 99.99% range of nanostructured materials that allow the dematerialization of viruses, bacteria, and spores that cause respiratory diseases

We have higher quality technology used by NASA.

We have a technology that allows purification by photocatalysis.

Purification processes of spaces free of toxic gases for animals, plants, and people.

Your home and family safety is the most important for us

Now you can count on our air purifiers with NASA technology.

Other technologies don’t protect you enough, our SHU air purifiers with a photoelectric operation are more efficient than any HEPA filter used by other Brands. Our tech makes a shield around our purifier like a cloud with oxidized electrons to create a shield that can destroy the smallest viruses and bacteria in the room, we destroy, not only filter as other brands.

At TC AIR ION we are committed to developing solutions that bring clean indoor air to people around the world with the belief that clean air is a right, not a privilege.

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How we can help you with the covid cells?

With our technology, photocatalysis can be applied for the degradation of organic compounds such as bacteria and viruses, including covid, eliminating them at 99.9%, and truly purifying the environment and surfaces of your home or business.

We are the solution for your home

We understand that your family is the most important thing for you, that’s why we want to take care of viruses and bacteria in your environment.

We guarantee that 99.9% of these tiny enemies will be eliminated for your safety and the people around you.

Our purifiers help you take care of everyone you love.

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How our purifiers can protect your business?

Clean offices and coworking

Investing in the health of your employees can have a positive impact for your business, in the health and general well-being of your staff as well as helping to take care of your clients with the same technology as in your home.

How our purifiers can protect your business?

Virus-free schools

Children are already in schools and require help to keep them safe and prevent transmission of COVID-19 among students and staff.

How our purifiers can protect your business?

Cafeterias and restaurants with truly clean air

The restaurant industry is one of the most affected by the virus. Your consumers and staff are afraid of being close to other people in a closed space without a mask, protect them with the same technology that you take care of your family with our air purifiers