Air Purifier for your Office 

Investing in an air purifier for your workplace may sound like too much and even like an unnecessary expense, yet studies have shown that more than 500,000 office employees are regularly exposed to hazardous and unhealthy materials. One of the unhealthy primary concerns is indoor air quality. 

This means that there is an indoor air pollution problem when fresh and clean air is not being properly circulated throughout a closed office environment, presenting in toxic substances at hand or outdoor air that is polluted making its way inside. 

There are a number of variables that contribute to poor air quality within an office space, for example the use of chemicals in carpets and other furniture, cigarette smoke and pollutants from outside traffic, radiation from building insulation, solvents from cleaners, copiers, glues and the ventilation system. Other variables are quite natural but nonetheless harmful like the pile up of microorganisms and bacteria in surfaces or carbon dioxide humans exhale and inhale that happens to concentrate if not properly circulated. The ventilation system also tends to represent a problem if it is not regularly cleaned or is well maintained. 

Health issues are often experienced within the workplace due to the factors aforementioned. Some of the physical symptoms include sinus discomfort, respiratory congestion, headaches, migraine, allergies and other issues such as infectious diseases like the flu or common cold. Other problems can also arise due to temperature changes, high humidity levels, too little or too much air circulation. These problems can include drowsiness, skin rashes, nausea and irregular breathing. All in all this type of concern could lead to stress, which could present in physical symptoms like anxiety, irritability, stomach issues and muscle tension. This is why it’s important to have proper air quality inside the office. 

A solution to this problematic would be to install an air purifying system such as our SHU purifiers, to diminish pollutants, bacteria and allergens that may come in contact with the employees as well as dirt, chemicals and toxins that are often dissipated throughout the surfaces and more often than not, not cleaned. With our air purifiers these particles would be destroyed not just filtered, creating a clean and fresh environment to thrive in, without having to worry about sickness, allergies and other symptoms alike.