Are Air Purifiers Safe? 

You may be wondering if using an air purifier around a child is safe, or a pet, or plants, even food. The short answer is, yes, air purifiers are completely safe even amongst the most vulnerable members of the family; not only are they safe but are actually scientifically proven to be good for your health by keeping you safe from toxins and pollution. 

It removes airborne pollutants without producing harmful byproducts like ozone, it circulates fresh air by removing these pollutants through a filter, or in the case of our own SHU purifiers, through the use of photocatalysis, essentially destroying said pollutants, virus, bacteria and other smaller particles. 

Air purifiers do not emit harmful chemicals or radiation, but electromagnetic field radiation or EMF. The difference between the two is the effect on people and how common of an occurrence this is, EMF is found in nearly all electronic devices like your microwave, cellphone, laptop or computer and it is pretty much inescapable at this point. The other type of radiation, the harmful type, is found in gamma rays, ultraviolet rays and X-rays. Air purifiers emit EMF, since they are electrical, yet are completely harmless. 

Air purifiers can be on for long periods of time, making it safe and easy to go to sleep with the power on and not having to worry about it, working on keeping the air fresh and clean, free of pollutants, allergens, dirt, pet dander and germs.

Our Tc Air Ion SHU purifiers are an excellent choice if you want to keep your home, office or business clean and disease free, since there’s a lot of benefits to buying an air purifier including how safe it is to have around. Other benefits include minimal maintenance, no installation required, no noise and it is easy to carry and move around in case you need to.