Air Purifiers for Business

Air purifiers are a great way to keep the environment you are surrounded in clean and fresh. Not only do air purifiers filter out, or in case of our SHU air purifiers, destroy harmful particles like germs, bacteria virus and mold, they also effectively remove dust, dirt, pet dander and odors and smells of all kinds. 

As stated, having an air purification system can relieve allergy symptoms, flu and cold-like diseases amongst others, such as a viral stomach infection. This can improve the health and lifestyle of the people around it. Air purifiers are essential even when regular cleaning and a ventilation system are in place, because it disintegrates molecules that are completely unnoticeable given their size, are airborne and can stay in surfaces for a long time. The SHU air purifiers take care of this and more, actually disinfecting the air and surfaces in every room, making it perfect for every environment. 

They are not only perfect to keep in your home and office but also in different businesses alike. It works for beauty salons, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, schools, spas, boutiques and big industries like distilleries, chocolate factories, wineries and everything in between. Keeping a clean, healthy and safe space with breathable, pure, fresh air, free of toxins and pollutants.  

In Tc Air Ion we have the ideal air purifiers, for small, medium and large spaces. We care about your health and of the people around you, as well as the health of your employees and customers.