Real, clean air for Tourism

Protect your customers with SHU, the electron generator air purifier.

Microscopic agents vs your customers

Your customers and employees can be victims of viruses, bacteria, or allergens that can multiply and linger in the air and on top of surfaces for a long period of time, spreading diseases in your business.

By having SHU in your hotels, Airbnb’s, museums, or exhibitions, you can protect your customers and eliminate in real-time some of the most common infections like COVID-19, rhinovirus, salmonella, norovirus, tuberculosis, and allergies, to name a few.

Photo of a woman with long hair enjoying an exhibition of old jewelry

SHU Against the World

Limit interhuman contagion and protect your customers against pollutants with SHU.

Uninterrupted Business

Busy areas wouldn’t be interrupted while the SHU purifier is working.

Easy to install and maintain

SHU does not require installation by a technician nor does it uses any filters.

Up to 99.999% of sanitation

SHU reaches 95% of room sanitation during the first 90 minutes and 99.9% after 72 hours of constant use.

Photograph of industrial SHU, air purifier

Greater Sanitation

SHU reduces the airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria by eliminating these particles.

For everyone

SHU can be used in the presence of humans, animals, plants, and food.

Improved Health

SHU increases oxygenation in the blood, improves renal function, and alleviates discomfort in the respiratory tract.

A solution for your Tourism Business

SHU is ready to improve the quality and safety of your business.

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Image of an exhibition in a contemporary museum


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Ancient Artifacts

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