EHG Technology

How it Works

The microbial mitigation mechanism causes the degradation of the cell wall and membrane due to the production of reactive oxygen species, such as hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide.

The formation of radicals is the consequence of reactions that cause the breaking of a bond between two electrons: an asymmetrical split will cause the formation of compounds with a number of electrons that is different to the number of protons, i.e. ions, whereas a symmetrical split will lead to the formation of free radicals. ROS can attack microorganisms from outside, initially oxidizing the cell membranes.


The new EHG (ELECTRON AND HOLES GENERATOR) technology has been used to develop an air purification system (with studies and research in the aerobiology and biotechnology fields) that absorbs light energy and part of it into electrons and electron holes by photocatalysis. A substance (known as a photocatalyst) modifies, by the action of natural or artificial light, the speed of a chemical reaction, thereby mimicking photosynthesis.


Photocatalytic Technology

Same sanitation concept in use in the NASA Space Center and subsequent engineering and application to photocatalytic reactor (SHU Device).


No more bugs

The environments treated with SHU have shown the absence of flies and mosquitoes exceeding 90%


High Quality

SHU reaches 95.00% of the sanitation of the rooms in the first 90 minutes and 99.999% after 72 hours of use maintaining constant sanitation.


Always Fresh

SHU is not limited to a temporary sanitizing action, but continues its action even with the occurrence of new external agents or subsequent contaminating events.

Coffee Shops

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SOLUTIONS OF PATHOLOGIES IN Gyms The customers of the gyms, confined to indoor environments, are victims of pathogenic microorganisms and exposed to a high risk of contagion and infection. SHU is the solution to these problems:eliminate any threat in real time! The...


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