Protect your workspace

Working is the last thing you want to be doing when you have a runny nose and watery eyes.

Get your productivity going on without having to worry about dust, pollen and other bacterias with our air purifiers.

Safe environment for your employees

Investing in your employees’ health can have a positive impact on both, your staff’s overall well-being and your business.

  • Reduce transmission of airborne bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19.
  • Reduce the effects of Sick Building Syndrome caused by chemical contamination and inadequate ventilation.
  • According to research, clean air increases cognitive function which results in higher productivity levels.
Happy employees in a meeting

TC Air Ion for all businesses

Hotel staffing checking the temperature of the new guests


The pandemic took away our opportunity to travel and visit different places around the world, causing hotels and Airbnb’s to remain empty and waiting for tourists for almost two years.

Now it is time to book that trip and head out.

With our technology it is possible to have clean, uncontaminated air inside hotel rooms and Airbnb’s without the risk of infection.

Lonely man in a restaurant during COVID-19 pandemic


The past two years have been unpredictable and have shaken us to the core. As we continue to navigate through the sequels of the pandemic, it is essential for spaces with large crowds, such as a restaurant, to be protected against contamination.

Now, with our SHU 120 and SHU 240 you can have clean spaces to offer a great service for your customers without worrying about diseases.

Staff handling food in a coffee shop

Coffee shops

The pandemic of the coronavirus and the call for social distancing, generated the closure of countless coffee shops, throwing 25% of sales value worldwide.

We have a solution for your business, thanks to our air purifiers, stressing over viruses and pollutants is a thing of the past.

Your business is supported with TC Air Ion

Woman buying.a blouse during the COVID-19 pandemic


Spending on clothing is one of the first things that consumers cut back in the face of the crisis generated by COVID-19. In fact, 46% of clothing and footwear consumers adopted this saving habit or migrated to online shopping. This situation led to a drop in industry sales of up to 85% during the mandatory quarantine.

But now, with TC Air Ion, it’s possible to enter boutiques and stores safely. Your customers can feel confident that the air they breathe is pure and clean.

Man doing exercise in the gym during the COVID-19 pandemic

Gym and Fitness

The gym and fitness industry has been one of the sectors most affected by the economic, health, and social crisis caused by the global pandemic.

Because of the measures adopted by governments as a way to contain the transmission of the coronavirus, the facilities have been closed to the public for a long period of time.

Thanks to our air purifiers, you don’t have to worry about your clients not returning to the gym, ensure their safety with TC Air Ion .

Flower shop owner staring at camera during the COVID-19 pandemic

Flower shops

In the first half of the year, the flower industry was very affected because of COVID-19. 70% of the flowers and ornamental plants that producers had prepared for selling, went to waste.
However, now is the time to start blooming your business again with cero worries about your plants, thanks to our toxin and chemically-free air purifiers.