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The sanitizing electron generator of surfaces and environments

About Us

We are leaders in research and development for the technological innovation of surface and air purification through the study of molecular evolution, obtaining the most decisive solutions to improve the best environment in which we live by purifying the ecosystem. Our mission is to use scientific research and nanotechnologies to protect health and the environment.


Photocatalytic Technology

Same sanitation concept in use in the NASA Space Center and subsequent engineering and application to photocatalytic reactor (SHU Device).


Elimination of molds

SHU reaches 95.00% of the sanitation of the rooms in the first 90 minutes and 99.999% after 72 hours of use maintaining constant sanitation.


Constant sanitizing activity

SHU is not limited to a temporary sanitizing action, but continues its action even with the occurrence of new external agents or subsequent contaminating events.


No more bugs

The environments treated with SHU have shown the absence of flies and mosquitoes exceeding 90%


Sanitation Consulting

Our technicians identify the most suitable solution for you after an accurate analysis of the impurities of the environment, ensuring maximum effectiveness of the intervention.


Beneficial for health

The action of SHU improves renal function, increases oxygenation in the blood, increasing the synthesis of endorphins and serotonin with beneficial effects on the human body.

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