Real, clean air for medical facilities

Protect your patients with SHU, the sanitizing electron generator of surfaces and environments.

Microscopic agents vs your patients

Your customers and your employees can be victims of parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can multiply and create an epidemic of many diseases in your medical facilities.

By having SHU in your hospitals, dental clinics, medical clinics, ambulances, ophthalmology, and pharmacies, you can protect your customers and eliminate in real time some of the most common viruses and bacteria: Rhinovirus, Coronavirus (including COVID-19) and Adenovirus, Mollicutes, Salmonella, Legionella, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, Norovirus, Pollens, and allergens.

Doctor working in hospital wearing a face mask and safe from any hazard

SHU Against the World

Limit inter-human infection and protect your customers with SHU and its advantages.

Uninterrupted Business

The working activity inside the treated areas is not interrupted during the action of SHU.

Easy to install and maintain

SHU does not use any filters or requires a technician.

Up to 99.999% of sanitation

SHU reaches 95% of room sanitation during the first 90 minutes of use and 99.999% after 72 hours of maintaining constant sanitation

Photograph of industrial SHU, air purifier

Greater Sanitation

SHU reduces the airborne transmission of viruses and bacteria by eliminating inter-human infection.

For everyone

SHU can be used in the presence of people, animals, and food,

Improved Health

SHU improves renal function, increases oxygenation in the blood, and the synthesis of endorphins and serotonin with beneficial effects on the human body.

A solution for every medical facility

SHU is ready to improve the quality and safety in your medical facilities.

Image with design to show a surgical room in a hospital


Image of dental office

Dental Clinic

Image of a doctor with blue scrubs in a medical clinic

Medical Clinic

Image of two paramedics inside a sanitized ambulance


Image of an ophthalmologist with his patient


Image of pharmacist smiling with counters behind him


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